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600 mile service

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How much has the first 600 mile service cost new owners , and has the rev limiter been completely removed from your clocks now ??
Were there any reported loose bolts or faults found from your first service .
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Limiter has removed, no issues
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Thanks for the update, as expected I suppose 馃憤 enjoy the full range now.
Limiter has removed, no issues
When The bike is sold She h谩s a limited rotation?
$498 USD, labor portion was $387. Rev warning was reset.
Did my 600 mile service today, question for anyone who has done it. Besides the engine oil drain bolt and oil filter there is also a screen on the side. I could not get the screen out for fear of breaking it, has anyone done this yet? I would bet money most dealers don鈥檛 take it out, you have to take the head pipe off to access it. Very little on the magnetic drain bolt and I could see only a few shavings on the screen that I was able to wipe off. Chain tension still good after adjusting the first time at 250 miles. Love the bike ! It is a blast to ride, tranny shifts excellent, brakes, engine and ergos all 9 out of 10 for me. Running a WRS Caponord screen with a MRA sport visor, pretty pleased but not perfect鈥.never going to be just isn鈥檛 what is was designed to accomplish.
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