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After market lights

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Is it possible to fit aftermarket lights and connect them to the wires either side of the tank, so they will work with the original switch on the bars ?
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It's partially a question of current draw. I'm not sure how much the factory lights draw compared to what you might be planning on using. Safest way it to wire then directly to battery and use a separate on-off switch, which is usually provided in the light harness kit....
yes, it's possibile but you have to install a canbus module for aftermarket lights and then activate switch by Ducati Dealer
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I haven't looked but wondering if you can wire aftermarket lights directly to the battery and wire directly to the existing switch? Disconnect it from the TFT and use a regular switch?
I've installed 2 sets of Baja Designs Squadrom Pros - simply love them. They transform night into day.

I've connected them straight to the battery (OEM wires are not capable of sourcing the required current). The BJ kit comes with a relay that you connect to the OEM wires. You just need to take the bike to a dealer to enable the feature
@padu_merlotti With only the relay connected, does a faulty light canbus error not occur?
After I installed the lights (including relay), and before Ducati enabled it for me, I got no errors on the dash.
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