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Anyone had issues with high temp showing on the gauge?

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Picked my bike up today, cruising along for 30 mns at 80-90kph and noticed the temp gauge reading 115 degrees celcius.
pulled over, called the dealer back and was told to turn around.
Seems that when the bikes are delivered there is only a small amount of coolant in the system so they top them up.
My bike Alice needed a very big burp( air lock) one side of the radiator was cold, the other hot. Keep an eye on the temp guys when new, as it’s not that obvious when having some fun to look at the motor temp.
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Hi, yep , my bike came with very little coolant ( around min level) going to make sure its topped up at 600mile service at the weekend. manual says low temp display Below 40c / High above 150c (flashing red) As you say best keep any eye on it on new bikes :)
Best ask dealership to check other fluids !!!
Its not hard to see coolant level before and sitting on the bike , best to check regularly if it’s in an out of the shop.
My X runs around the 70-85 an fan cuts in at 100 if sat in traffic.
I’ve had many bikes but I’ve always checked my bikes after service or having work carried out , even spanner monkeys are human an shit happens .
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