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Anyone have the Low Seat?

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I'm short on the inseam at 30-31 inches. I'm on the tip of my toes and would rather have more of my foot on the ground for off-road excursions. Right now the only option is the OEM low seat. Was wondering if anyone has bought one and if it made a noticeable difference? .5" doesn't seem like anything.
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I have It in order since October but still waiting. I think that It’s only one cm of diference but my idea is to remove more foam and put some gel in It when arrives
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I picked up the low seat when I took delivery. Honestly, it made little difference and I'm still on my tippy toes.
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To follow up on my post and it will be continued... But I picked up the low seat too. And as Leo Garcia states, no notable difference.

My next step since I now have the OEM seat and the Low Seat is to take the OEM seat to a local shop that specializes in custom seats and see what they can do. It'll have to wait till Spring though as I've got too much snow on the ground here. But will see and report back what they were able to do.
I ordered lower seat and it doesn't lock with the body. The height of the lock pin underneath the seat is shorter. Has anyone experienced this? Or does anyone know if there are multiple types of lower seat and needs compatible one? I own 2023 DDX.
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