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Anyone Install Fuzeblock or Denali Dialdim Controller?

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Hello all.

I'd like to add Denali D3 lights to my Desert X. As part of that I want to add either a Fuzeblock or Denali Dialdim controller to my bike and I can't find any obvious room on the bike for either device. I'm guessing that instead of under the front seat that I might have to disassemble the rear frame of the bike to find some protected space. Has anyone done this?

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I have wired a few bikes with Denali stuff. I was thinking of doing the same with the DesertX... D3's but with a universal high/low/off switch they offer due to space and to keep it light weight. They have a fuse block if you want to add other accessories... I've used it, its huge. Following to see how it turns out for you.
Hi, Norsman.

Thanks for your reply. I will post a few pictures of my installation so far....
Got the D3 fog lights installed (fork mounted), with DialDim controller. Also added the Unit Garage side panels, which I think improves the appearance of the bike
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That looks nice, I like the fork mount.

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The D3 lights look good. Nice. How is the gap to the fairing when full lock? I see they are 3.5” and not a lot of room when full lock.
I moved the lights from the forks to the crash bars. I like the wider spread better and the fact that the clearance to the fairings was no longer a concern...

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