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Bad battery

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I was just wondering if anyone experienced anything similar.

I picked up my DesertX about a month ago. I'm in Southern California and keep the bike in my garage. This past weekend went for a longer trip through California BDR Section 3 then Death Valley. Stopped Friday night in Primm, with the bike in front of the hotel, wake up in the morning about 44 outside try to start and ...... I struggled about 5 minutes and finally started.
Saturday night we loop back through Death Valley and stop in Bishop, wake up in the morning now about 35 outside and sure enough the bike doesn't start anymore. Finally about 30 mins later a really great guy brings over his jump starter battery pack and that did the trick and the bike was back on.

Any ideas? Any similar experiences?
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Do you use a trickle charger at home? Asking because I almost screwed up my battery. The day I got the bike I hooked it up to my existing battery tender. A couple hours later I was in the house reading my manual and realized a lithium battery came with the bike and I couldnt use my existing battery tender. Was only a couple hours so I'm not too worried. I bought a lithium capable charger. No issues with my battery, however my temps have been like 65 degrees at the coldest (also in SoCal).
I don't use one. Pretty ok here and being in the garage no issues. And I'm pretty sure Ducati didn't build these to run only in warm weather :) (even with a name like DesertX, temps can drop in the desert overnight :) )
Lithium batteries don't work very well in cold weather. Watch this from RMATV. Might help...

Thank you so much for sharing this, I had no idea. Next night we get some cold here I'll give it a try.
Lithium batteries don't work very well in cold weather. Watch this from RMATV. Might help...

Thanks for posting this. I was in Prescott, AZ over the weekend and it was in the high 20's low 30's in the morning and i was able to start it right up by after turning on my headlight for a minute.
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