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CA BDR Feb 5

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Targeting that week to do the CA BDR. Anyone interested?

My profile: Did the WY BDR last year on my Tiger 900 Rally Pro (including Woodchuck Pass both ways). Have done many parts of the CO BDR and some of the AZ BDR. Love the gnar, would do the expert sections, but a little concerned about the sand. Riding ADV for just over two years after 10+ on dirt bikes (mostly 300s) doing Rocky Mountain gnar and singletrack, Moab, Wyoming, etc... Also ride a Husky 501 for in-between terrain.

Probably hotel it but willing to camp if needed.
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I would love to join you. But not sure about the time frame. I'm thinking the current rain will make it pretty wet and some places might not be passable. I might think about doing CA in June.
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I'm definitely interested but it looks like the weather sucks right now. I'm definitely interested in a BDR in the coming months.
Yeah... Looks like the DV area with Titus Canyon and The Racetrack are shut down...(n)(n)(n)
Hi @FLJAR, did this happen already? I'm targeting doing sections 1-3 (and a bit of 4) end of March (25-27 - Sat, Sun, Monday) and would love to have another DDX on the troupe
No it didn't. Postponed due to so many DV closures. I may be interested for end of March. Let's keep in touch.
Doing AZ BDR May 6-13 if you're interested.
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