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Classifed Section Rules and Guides

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1. If you are not interested in buying the item, do not post in the discussion. Commenting on another member's sale is not allowed. (IE., If you think the price is too high and hope they will lower it, you sure wish you had the money to buy it, etc. Please start a conversation with the OP, do not post it).

The Fine Print:


YOU MUST REMAIN AN ACTIVE PARTICIPANT OF THE FORUMS IF YOU WISH TO CONTINUE USING THE CLASSIFIEDS. Posting in the classifieds area only and not participating in the rest of the forums is not allowed, if you are found to be violating this you will lose access to the Classified forum.

1. The staff is not responsible for member listings in the classified section. All transactions are between the buyer and seller. Buyers buy at your own risk AND Sellers sell at your own risk

2. Absolutely no illegal transactions allowed. You, and only you, are responsible for knowing federal and local laws.

3. No auctions or raffles are permitted.

4. BUYER BEWARE! Internet fraud is becoming more common these days. Ask questions; get additional photos . Be careful dealing with members having just joined the forum to buy or sell . Be wary of a new member sending a PM to you privately to sell . Contact/report to the staff if you have doubts . We can't guarantee safety but might spot something you didn't with regard to the member status.

Marketplace Classified Section Standards

You want to sell your stuff. The staff at the DesertX Forum wants to help you do that!

But…we need your help.

Here’s what we need from you when starting a classified thread:

1. Be descriptive in your title and use the prefix selector (ie., For Sale, For Trade, Want to Buy)

2. Be descriptive about the item you want to sell/trade.

When starting a For Sale / Trade listing in the Classified Forum you must include in the thread (Copy and paste the list below if that helps you):

  • Description of item
  • The price of the item
  • Cost of shipping or if included in price
  • Method of payment (if PayPal Friends and Family is preferred, call that out, stating just PayPal does not imply F&F)
  • At least one actual picture of each item offered for sale or trade (not an internet image) - links to external sites for pictures are not acceptable. Upload the photos or use an image host to post.
  • A specific location that the item is located must be included in the ad
If any item is missing in your ad the thread may be removed without warning.

Caution! It is strongly suggested that you use only PayPal G&S for your sale. Using PayPal F&F or any cash app like Zelle, Venmo, Apple Pay and others provides you absolutely no recourse if the transaction doesn't work out for you.

Do NOT post your email address or telephone number in your ad (this makes your information ripe for use by scammers), doing so will cause your ad to be deleted for your protection. Use the site private message system for all of your transactions please.

3. Please be responsive to questions and Conversations about your listing. Extended periods (7 days) with no response will result in deletion of your listing. Any classified threads open two months or longer with no activity will be removed.

4. When your transaction is completed, be it a sell, buy or trade listing, we ask that you edit your thread prefix to show that it is Sold, Traded or Found.

5. After creating your thread, you can bump your thread after 5 days and each 5 days thereafter.

6. Please do not delete the body of the message. Sold item posts serve as good information to others on how much certain items are currently selling for.

7. It is suggested that you create one listing for one item. If you create one listing with multiple items the buyer/seller feedback will not work as you can only leave feedback for one buyer.

We prefer not to have to issue warnings for not following the rules of this section, so please help us help you by following them.
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