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Good day all, anyone changed a air filter yet? after doing a few 1000kms on dirt I decided to change it, firstly couldn't get the Ducati genuine part so ordered DNA direct, as the default is a paper filter hence I decided to use the DNA as its reusable and one of the best filters out there.
If you out in the wild and decided to change the filter note this is not a easy job, the Ducati specialist near me took a few hours to get at the filter and change it. But on the good side the paper filter that came out was in very good condition and little if any dirt/dust was in the bin after removing. I am sure going forward this process will be shorter as one learns what to loosen and remove, where at first you virtually take the bike apart :)
Second topic tyres, after running the motor in I removed the Pirelli stock tyres and put Michelin Anakee Wild on, got 2900kms on it (yeah not much) great tyre for off-road and handles well including paved roads and now trying the Bridgestone AX41 will report back on this later.
Suspension, from standard delivery and not enjoying the feel of the bike including some tank slapping dirt experience, I changed to the off-road sport setting and what a huge difference in the handling of the bike, also dropped the air pressure down to 1.8 on both tyres, I suggest trying all the standard option settings and if not working for you get a off-road specialist suspension guy to check your riding style and setup for you.
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