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Desert X and MMS

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Hi, has anyone connected a Ducati multimedia system to their desert x? If so what headset are you using?

I have mine connected and got it paired to my iPhone but it won’t pair with my headset which is fodsports ms-1 pro. I’ll consider getting another headset if others can confirm what models work? Thanks!
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No idea on headset as I do not have it yet but how does the Nav work?
installed MMS and TURN BY TURN, I have a Galaxy S23 Ultra and Sena B601 head set. All device must paired to bike. If you had paired smartphone to headset first you have to unpair. You can pair two smartphone, two headset and one navi to the bike. Turn by turn software must be installed at your local dealer, than you have to download Ducatilink App to use TBT.
I'll be using my fodsports m1-s Pro plus aswel once my bike is ready for collection and they fitted the multi media and I'm using a Samsung galaxy phone
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