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Desert X Heated hand grip installation - LH Wiring

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Background on issue at hand
I am installing Ducati accessory heated grips on my desert X. The right hand side went easy. On the left hand side I found what looks like the plug on the RI connector (see blue above). I tried removing the plug but it is securely glued in place, almost to the point that it seems like they dont want you to remove it. I tugged on the plug with some needle nose pliers but all it did was to deform it. I stopped thinking I had the wrong plug. I looked around in that area hoping to find another plug, but this is the only one.

Note: the right hand side had a dummy plug end the was not glued that easily un clipped VS the left hand side which is totally glued and no sight of a dummy plug

Has anyone run into this issue on the left hand side of the bike when installing heated grips? any advise?

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So, I installed the heated grips and it was straight forward except I avoided removing the tank to access one of the plugs.
Are you sure you have the proper plug? I was able to access the connector w/o pulling the tank, but it wasn't the easiest to get at. I had to use a long pick (think dentist visit 😂) to get it out and accessible. It did have a plug, but again, the pick helped to release the plug. Also, if you have the proper connector, it will have a white tag on it indicating it's the heated grip plug. Good luck.
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