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The desert x handles pretty much everything pretty well. I got off onto a very small trail...not quite single track but close. The trail was covered in moss and grass. It was very greasy with the stock STR tires. But with rider aids left on wasn't too bad. It just let me know I need more of an off road tire.

But on the gravel roads we road the X is super stable. 60-80mph and tracks perfect. ABS helps get stopped and the TC helps get going. (With the STR tires that is)

On the street the bike handles like a sport bike. Love its nimbleness. Might take a tooth or 2 off the rear sprocket. But other than that it's pretty awesome.

I really hate the helmet buffet. Looking to cut 4 inches or so off the screen.

The seat is a bit on the hard side but being able to stand up and ride for 15-20 mins at a time takes care of that.

I ordered a cat delete pipe. Hoping that gives me a bit more sound. I hate loud pipes...but this one is just too quiet.
Let us know how it goes with the cat delete pipe! I'd love to hear how it sounds.

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Picked mine up 3weeks ago and have around 2500km on it so far of which 6-700km would be dirt km. From the moment I hit the dirt the bike showed that it is everything I could have expected from it and with more suitable tyres will probably exceed expectations.
The first excursion into the dirt included a sandy section I know well that I take my Husaberg through and the DX handled these sections a lot better than expected, heavy in comparison for sure but certainly capable and somewhat confidence inspiring. I did post a video of its first excursion into the dirt on YouTube.
I then did a long distance excursion through the gravel tracks of our South West which is layered with what we call pea gravel a lot like riding on ball bearings. This gave the opportunity to play with the electronics and they are definitely a big leap on what my 2014 multistada has. Going through different modes and carrying out full panic stop tests showed that the bike pulled up perfectly with no skidding from either wheel when not in Off-road mode. Adjusting the traction control allowed rear wheel drifts at 120kmh and the two yellow traction control lights would be hard on whilst the throttle was pegged wide open. It intervenes smoothly and gives you plenty of confidence it has your back.
All in all it is everything I could of expected and more than happy with the purchase, just waiting on the accessories to turn up and then get some serious exploration km on it.
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Congrats on getting your new bike @Husa66 and welcome! Do you have any other bikes along with the Husaberg?

Do you have the link you can share of your first excursion?
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