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Hey everyone,

I live in Washington state in the US. I bought my Desert X 2 days ago (September 15th). I have 250 miles on it now from a few small rides and a longer ride today. All of that has been on street so far. But I'm planning to take it off road in 2 weeks. I have only added the headlight guard (which I'd recommend for anyone going offroad), spools for my rear stand, and a phone mount. There are many other accessories that I'm considering:
Definitely getting
  1. Crash bars
  2. rear axle sliders
  3. front axle sliders
  4. Side stand extension
  5. Water pump protection
  6. Engine protection
  7. Radiator protection

Possible, but probably will hold off on
  1. Tail bag - I have a small Mosko Moto bag which is fine for day trips. I have a large waterproof duffel bag, which I think will work for multi-day trips
  2. Top case - With the soft bags I have, I don't think I'll need this. But if my wife ever goes 2up, she would strongly prefer this
  3. Side Panniers - The aluminum side panniers look very convenient and secure. But they add weight, and are expensive. So, I'll hold off on those for now

I'll likely use the Desert X roughly the same amount on street as offroad I'm guessing. I have a V4 Pikes Peak Multistrada that is an awesome bike. And I have 2 different Panigale 959's. One of them is 100% track dedicated. I should also mention that my wife is very understanding. I bought 3 bikes this year. The Desert X is my first Adventure Bike.

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Congratulations on saving the best til last to complete your garage , and your like me on the wife front mines very understanding and wants me to enjoy things in life 😜👍
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