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Gearing change

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Hi All- had a test ride on the DesertX- really impressed overall but found the gearing extremely low- Now i know its designed to be dual purpose, but an increase from 4.5K RPM @ 100KMH would make it a much nicer distance machine. Some ratios in the gearbox are lower than in the other applications of this drivetrain ,but also appears the front/rear sprocket ratio is lower too - 15/49, vs that of a Mutistrada V2 of 15/43. Therefore, a simple swap of the rear sprocket (and a shortening of the chain) seems an easy way to raise the gearing, but my question is this: where does the speedo take its information? if its the abs sensor then everything is good, but if it calculated in the gearbox, the speedo would be thrown off by the gearing change-anyone got any idea? thanks in advance
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Like you say it’s been designed as a 50/50 bike , low gears for off road enduro riding and after 3rd gear upto 6th for distance work .
If it’s not enough change the cogs or get a different steed that suits your needs 👍🤪
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