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Great photo @Striggs! Congrats on getting your DesertX and welcome to the forum! How does it compare to other bikes you've owned?
tx D-Dog… compared to the other bikes? To say it has been interesting would an understatement.. this is how it went..I received the DX in October decided I should do a back to back comparison between my T7, 2021 KTM 690 Omega build and the 2022 1250 GSA. Same route, approx 140km of mixed terrain. The non-tarmac sections are rutted, rocky gravel road, littered with potholes and sharp rocky edges. Overall, the KTM won the suspension comparison, the GSA won the tarmac race, the T7 won nothing. I stood there after all the trips and thought I cannot believe how good the Ducati is. In disbelief, I decided to a 380km round trip last weekend with some mates… the Ducati is by far my favorite. It is just so darn easy to ride. It is never unsettled and believe me I did some silly stuff, pushed a little harder than I should have. She bottomed out at the rear a few times, stopped and 3 clicks up on preload front and rear. No issues thereafter. Let my mates ride it and they were pretty impressed too. I will add that I did the entire trip (dirt sections) in enduro mode.. I never felt the need for more power. On the tar, it was great to have full power when needing to pass by..
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