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Hello from Asheville, NC!

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Hi all. Picked my Desert X in September 2022 and loving it! Ordered stock but have installed most all of the off-road accessories since. Traded in my 2019 Triumph 1200XE for it. I miss the Triumph as it was a great bike too, but I think the Ducati is a better fit all around and excited to put it to the test in 2023!

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Hey @mayorofwoodfin! Welcome to the forum and congrats on getting your DesertX! What stands out the most about it compared to the 1200XE?
Hey, nice to meet you! I'm in Atlanta, GA but I'm thinking of riding up to Asheville to ride some trails. If you're interested in doing a meet up in the upcoming months, let me know.
Welcome to the forum @mayorofwoodfin. What do you like/dislike about your Desert X so far? Planning to service it yourself or take it to a shop when the intervals come up?
Looks like a nice pic from the BRP! I am Originally from metro Atlanta and made two trips a year to ride the excellent roads of W NC, E TN and N Ga. Great environment for the DDX.
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