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Hello from Ireland

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Hi my name is mick i live in co cavan in ireland
Pick up my X about 8 weeks ago loving it so far.
About 3000 km on it so far done one big trip to the Welsh mountains in the uk for 3 days the bike did not miss a beat.
Have to say first Ducati i have owned, fit and finish very good.
Last bike i had was 2018 1200 tiger, great bike but not getting much use, and really a 2 up bike for long trips, very top heavy, but when you where on the go all that when away .
Was looking at the new one 1200 but big money.
Have tried all the mid bikes ,T7 , 901, 660, and the 900 pro, here in ireland could not get a test ride on a X.
Looked at all the YouTube videos, everyone was loving it so took the chance and got one, not just saying it , but buy far the best of them all.
Would not be a big off road rider, we have green lanes here, hard to find good tracks to go on.
But what a bike on the road.
I came to ADV bikes about 6 years ago, was big sports bike fan, but now hitting 50 was looking for easy life and to fell back in love with biking again and ADV bikes have done that for me and X has moved me on again.
Now on to the lad's Saturday and Sundays where are we going.
Anyway just a small bit about me tks all
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Nice! thanks for sharing. Love hearing your thoughts about the DX. I’m loving mine as well!!
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Great back story, thanks for sharing! I have a ‘20 Tiger Rally Pro and love it. But wow the Desert X feels so much better in the technical stuff.
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Hi, yes 2 lad's in are group have them great bike , very close between pro and x, but loving the X
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