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I also own a Multistrada V4S, and I was riding it like a big dirt bike. Then early this year I've signed up for the Ducati DRE Adventure in Toscana. The choice of bikes were the scrambler (nah), the MV4S (I already knew it), and the Desert X. No brainer, since back then, not even the news people had an opportunity to ride them.

I was perfectly happy with my MV4S and in my mind it would be my main adventure bike for years to come, but after 2 days of training and riding in Tuscany with the DDX, I was completely sold. I came back and put my name on the waiting list and got the first DDX in San Diego.

Now the V4S has street tires once again, and is the main bike to take the wife to weekend trips. The DDX is my new big dirt bike. Loving every moment.
That's really cool! I really want to do something like that. what kind of training did they have you do?
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