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Howdy from the great Pacific NW

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Just purchased 2023 from MotoCorsa of Portland. Fits my rinding style to a tee! Excited to start adding accessories.
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Hey @MtKeck welcome to the forum and congratulations on getting your DesertX! What accessories are you looking to get?
This gets me started;
Best way to mount 10s phone
Crash bars
Luggage rack/grab bars (wife adventures)
Congrats on the new DDX, you are ready for adventure! The Quad Lock case and Evotech mount have worked well for me. I upgraded the standard mount to the Quad Lock charging head, and it's incredibly seamless to take on/off. Sometimes I would like the vertical aspect instead of the horizontal, but it works both on the road and off with Maps and Gaia.

Zoom in to see the setup behind the windscreen. 🤙

Tire Wheel Sky Vehicle Plant
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i have the evotech handle bar mount. with quadlock wireless charger. i'm very happy with it.
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