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Just an FYI...

Installation instructions call for removal of the two vibration dampeners on the windscreen (lower holes) and the two under the headlight in the housing.

I didn't like that so I Ieft all four in and installed with no issues.

Also added the two dampeners that came with the guard for the bottom two holes that attached under the headlight in the housing (as instructed); still was able to attach when leaving the ones that were already in the headlight housing on (so now the housing has the two dampeners from the factory pressed against the two dampeners in the bottom holes of the guard).

Really questioned why the instructions called for removal of the windscreen dampeners. Had I followed the instructions, the metal upper arms of the guard would've pressed directly against the windscreen and the windscreen would have a lot of slop due to no dampener spacer. Maybe lost in translation of the instructions?
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