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Hi everyone,

First let me introduce myself. My name is Dennis and I'm from the Netherlands. The Netherlands and this part of europe is not known for the many offroad trails, but we still have some and of course the Trans European Trail is around the corner. That is why I bought the DDX. Imho one of the few do it all bikes out there both suited for onroad and offroad.

Previously I had a R1200GS Adventure from 2018, packed with features and absolutely loved that bike for what it could do. But never cared about the looks because it was not special. And I love special bikes. If you buy a bike with your heart (which is the most important) you better buy a special one.

I would like to open this topic to share my experiences of building a Desert X which is both suited for onroad and offroad a jack of all trades (and master of none). But perfect for the light offroading I do and the road miles I will do.

I will be uploading part of the build series on my youtube channel and on my instagram. Youtube https://www.youtube.com/@droommotor

And instagram https://www.instagram.com/droommotor/?hl=en

As well as on this page. This page is also for some inspiration and discussion.

The build series will be in 5 main parts.

Graphics kit (for protection)

Exhaust with de-cat and/or tune

Hepco Becker protection parts
Skidplate (to be determined)
Iconic Parts protection

Lights and accessoires
Extra fog lights

Luggage & Comfort
Hepco & Becker
WRS Windscreen (or PUIG)
WRS Deflectors

If you have any must have accesories I should consider please let me know. I hope you will join me on my build.

With kind regards


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As promised here is a video about my first impressions! I am overall a happy owner but there are some negatives.

This is part 1 of a video series so there will be more! Please let me know what you think of it and otherwise enjoy!

Haha nice day!

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