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New CNC Racing Levers

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I purchased ASV levers after having good success with them on dirt bikes in the past. After emails with ASV and trying to get them to fit, I returned them in frustration. You should not have to play around to get levers to fit properly. They should be designed to work out of the box with the appropriate parts needed.

ASV said they were already redesigned. I asked if mine were wrong or old models (which they said they were not) or they are simply not ready for production. Below are pictures the clutch not hitting the switch after being fully engaged and the front brake lever not aligning correctly. ASV told me they should fit as is, even after I pointed them to other posts on this forum needing a shorter plunger and having to bend the switch bracket.

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I purchased CNC Racing levers from Shift-Tech-Carbon website and the install and fit were perfect. I really like the adjustable range as I have small hands so they work much better than stock and I think they look great. I just wanted to share in case anyone else was looking at changing their clutch and brake levers.

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I am using the ASV levers and they're working great. Clutch side worked fine out of the gate since the kit came with a shorter plunger rod. You have to move that switch toward the lever when pulled in before tightening up the lever all the way. You can adjust the contact point.

I had them send me another clutch plunger rod for the brake side and works perfect. You can use the original clutch plunger on the brake side meanwhile though.

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I know its minor, but I was admittedly annoyed they couldn't just design the correct width instead of bending it with pliers and include the correct brake plunger. It should be simple bolt on parts (CNC Racing was). I'm loving the DX though. I'm glad yours worked out!
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