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Off Road Package self-installation warning

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So I finally got my off-road package… I like to do my own work whenever possible, plus I’m over 200 miles away from the nearest dealer that I actually trust 👀. Off Road pack is crash bars, skid plate, water pump guard and different hand guards. Quite complicated IMO… I’m 60 and I’ve been riding and wrenching my entire life, this job took me the better part of eight hours. Single worst part, and hence the warning, was two bolts on the front cylinder that hold the front bracket for the bash plate. The original bracket gets replaced; it’s held on by two 4mm allen head bolts that are very soft. Mine were installed with red loctite, I think it got baked in due to proximity to the exhaust. Long story short, both required herculean efforts to remove - heat, vise grips, I had to dremel a slot on one to get it moving etc. Thankfully the threads on the block were fine once I got the bolts out, but if you’re not an experienced wrench this might be a good reason to steer clear of the job. I’m sure I’m not the only one who will have this problem. Otherwise pretty straightforward, assuming you read the multiple iterations of the instructions over and over again…. And finally , if you sprung for the factory fog lights, while the bike is pre wired it still has to be progammed by the dealer before they will turn on. Argh!
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Red loctite in a location that gets really hot is a bad combination! Combined with a soft screw and a really small head = forget about getting it out in one piece
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