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Reliable aftermarket vendors?

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(I'm in the States) I've noticed during online searches that many accessories are coming out of Europe.

Can someone comment on particularly reliable ones, etc? (or bad ones too)

MotoStorm keeps popping up and I have no experience with them so welcome feedback. Thanks!
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Well it is a European bike, and was on the road over there 4-5 months before here and most are sold over there.

I've not had any bad experiences ordering out of Europe. Last year I bought a lot out of germany and the netherlands due to upgrading gear and getting my daughter into riding. Dollar was strong, prices were cheaper and I don't mind waiting for stuff. You just have to be aware of credit card issues and the fees some may charge; hate to waste any savings by giving it to the banks. Most time they will take paypal and I use a CC that does not charge foreign or exchange fees. I pay in the local currency and get the best exchange rate possible. If you let paypal do an exchange rate it sucks.
Can someone comment on particularly reliable ones, etc? (or bad ones too)
There is another thread talking about the all the available vendors.
I personally maintain this list in there, which I constantly update and expand.

Regarding recommendations for EU vendors, I guess you cannot really do anything wrong with Evotech Performance, Hepco & Becker and SW-Motech. Not saying that any of the others are unreliable or of bad quality though! Also, another big name over here, Wunderlich, just expanded their offering a couple of months ago. They used to be BMW only.
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