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Review of accessories

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Just a post to help others on their choice of accessories. I have been lucky to have found some really well made quality accessories that have impressed me and it’s good to be able to pass on.
Rear rack is a Nomad Adventure unit that is really well made the machining is first rate and it is solidly mounted. I put some tape on the clamps to try and minimise damaging the paint but nothing else. The small Enduristan tail bag fits perfectly and is big enough for my tools, sandwiched and a drink. The next sized bag up fitted well but intruded onto the passenger seat more than I wanted but is still a great option if this isn’t a concern. These racks will not interfere with the accessory tank which I have on order
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I also went with the Nomad Adventure GPS Mount because of the quality of the manufacturing and really impressed with how it looks. I did have the evo tech Mount but it pails into comparison if bling factor is taken into account.
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Another really well made bit of kit is the Muller Motorsports steering dampener set up. I was fortunate to have a Scott’s steering dampener left over from a dirt bike which made the choice to go this way much easier. The standard steering dampener is ok but not up to the level of any Scott’s or Ohlins units. The other great thing is that they are coming out with mounts that will bolt onto the front of the steering dampener which may be useful.
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I looked at tail tidy’s but found the original bracket can be raised about 20mm and it looks a lot neater just with this change. The holes are already marked and just need drilling.
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I have also gone with Pivot Pegz as they are Australian and I find they help with getting boots under gear lever and with operating the rear break easier.

The factory exhaust is expensive as everyone knows but once you have it that cost is forgotten about. I found it’s greatest benefit besides the sound was to clean up the 3-4000 rpm range which is where all bikes are leaned out to pass noise & emissions laws and is coincidental the rpm area that most of the time the bike sits other than highway speeds.

Another tip that may work for others with the factory crash bars is the annoying buzzing that was apparent around 3600-3800rpm. I used to change gears just to get away from it. I installed a plastic washer between the water pump guard and the main section of crash bars and it has practically disappeared to the point I don’t notice it anymore. I believe that the water pump guard is the cause and ensuring that it’s mounts are not tightened till last is the best way to minimise this buzzing that many seem to experience.

The original tyres are being changed out soon with some Motoz tyres again because they are AustralianAdventure on the rear and Rallz on the front. Only concern with these is that there are concerns with them catching on the rear tank when bottoming out. Only a problem when tyres are new I guess but will find out first hand once rear tank is installed.
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Hope this helps others in making choices on there accessories as it is an awesome bike that will certainly have a place in my garage for a few years to come.
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thanks. I run the motoz rally, good tires.

I have the same issue with the clearance for the shifter but not ready to pay the $ for pegs, figured I need to spend some time maybe adjusting the linkages.

BTW there are 2 recalls. 1 for the side stand, its too long, and the other is a mud flap that covers the rear shock

Finally I have issues with the seat lock. Its flimsy. I dropped the bike on a trail at about 5MPH and the seat went flying. I had to bend the tab back on the latch so the seat would lock
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