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Sheared Off Bolt - Upper Mount In Water Pump Guard

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Just got back from 800+ miles over three days in the Pacific Lost Coast area of Northern California. I was cleaning things up yesterday and noticed the bolt connecting the upper water guard mount -- where it connects to the crash bars -- was sheared off. Not sure what happened. No drops, crashes or tip overs of any kind. I was meticulous about the torque settings when installing. Thinking of getting a stronger bolt (once I get the extraction done). Thoughts?
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Odd one if as you say was correctly torqued & no crashes.

I guess the guard sits correctly. Your not fighting any springiness in the metal?

There could be 'fatigue' stresses from the engine vibration.
Is that an M8 screw?
Even the lowest tensile bolt should be good for >2 Tonnes basic shear strength. Even a crash shouldn't shear it.
A high tensile bolt would fare better but hopefully its's just a one-off duff bolt and it never happens again.
(Is my thoughts)
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since you installed the bolt yourself - maybe you check your torque wrench?
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