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Thinking of new Desert X…

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Curious if anyone purchased the extended warranty…I have not with any of my previous Ducati’s but they are currently offering 6 years at a decent rate. Probably not a bad idea on a new model….
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IMO, if it's within your budget and it gives you peace of mind do it!.
I did but that's because it's a first year brand new model. I know Ducati can make sports bike but being this is their first 21 inch off road bike, I went ahead and purchased it. I figured that off roading will wear the bike down more and increase the chances of something happening....just like track bikes are ridden harder than street bikes, bikes in this segment are ridden harder... Just my two cents
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I bought one of the very first Multistrada's (2003) that hit the floor. Not one problem. So I'm ok with just the 2 year warranty.
How much is the extended warranty cost?
yes how much is the costs? thanks
I think it all depends on the dealer really....
How much is the extended warranty cost?
$1100 exactly 5 years unlimited miles
I was quoted 6 years for $1500. So really 4 years as the bike comes with 2.
I was quoted 36 [email protected]$699, 48 [email protected]$799, 60 [email protected]$999, 72 [email protected]$1199, 84 [email protected]$1399. I went with the 60 month term to cover the bike during my finance term. While reading the terms of the warranty, I saw that any off-road racing add ons will void the warranty
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