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Which oil filter for Desert X ?

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Can anybody tell me which oil filter works for the desert X? I assume Mahle has one and would think it is the same as a Multistrada V2 but I am not sure. My dealer wants $15 just to ship me the oil filter.
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Ducati only does one spin on oil filter. What I did was searched the internets for the best price per filter, wound up ordering a case out of italy. More upfront but if you are going to use them I'd go that route.

$15.8 per filter
Ducati Omaha sells 4 qts of oil, filter, seal for 89.

My dealer charged me 25$/qt and filter and seal on top of that. Such a ripoff.

And then $65 just to activate the heated grips.

Hard to believe.
DucaitOmaha is at $89.99 + $7 shipping Not a bad deal if you want to run the Shell oil.

The filters I found at $185 for a case of 12, I run amsoil, and the copper washers can be bought in bulk via amazon. I've got a few different machines that take copper washers so I got the assorted pkg.

Oil Filter for the DDX:Champion COF053 (H301)
Sells in Italy for around €6.- + shipping via ebay
After a quick research here are some Oil Filter which fit the DDX:
  • Champion COF053 (H301)
  • Hiflo HF 153
  • UFI 2310500

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Check out Baldwin Filters, they have a filter that fits the DDX
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