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WRS side fairings.

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Added the WRS side fairings last night. Will report back once I test them out. Good news is they come off east enough if they add nothing. Not sure I like the look鈥ind of reminds me of a Honda Goldwing from the 90鈥檚馃ぃ
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I'm very happy with mine, especially combined with a small Puig clip-on visor.

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Didn鈥檛 do much in my opinion sadly
Mine should be delivered tomorrow along with the taller Caponord windscreen, so I'm excited to try them both out on the road.
Finally got a chance to rip around a bit today鈥hey do smooth out the air overall & I rode without earplugs today in my Arai XD4 with Peak & it was totally manageable. I would say the WRS pieces smoother the airflow around me & not the wind noise down a bit as well. I have zero buffeting with my cut down WRS Enduro windscreen & the side pieces just make it a bit better. Overall very happy & now bike is comfortable on the road between dirt sectors. Such a ripper!
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What is your source for the handguard extensions? Or is it a whole new setup?
What is your source for the handguard extensions? Or is it a whole new setup?
Those are the upgraded handguards that come with the Off Road kit. Just had the silver metal end pieces powder coated satin black like the rest of the kit.
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